Our Garden!


Today I was taking pictures of the gardens  (front and backyard).  Since we started this project the backyard is constantly evolving.  The feeling of creating an appealing garden is something hard to explain.  Since I was very young I dreamed of having my own garden, a creation of my own effort and imagination.  A garden that I didn’t only enjoy taking care of but that I loved spending time in.  To me the place where a person lives is that person’s temple.  This by no means implies expensive, immense houses full of things that only rich people can afford.  Au contraire, it points to a home that reflects a person’s own taste and that feels comfortable and just right to that person.  With that being said, our house is our temple.  At least for me personally, there is nothing I enjoy more than to come home to a nicely put together atmosphere created by coordinating colors and warmth as well as a front and backyard soothing to the eyes and soul.  Our gardens, even though they have plenty of plants, still need plenty more.  But the way they are right now they are starting to look just the way I created them in my mind.  Here are just a few of the tons of pictures I took

I hope you enjoyed them.

That’s it for now.

Remember to comeback tomorrow for more.

Have a good night

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