Essence of Love


Here is a poem I wrote in the 80’s.  My first poem in English.  I hope you enjoy it!!

Essence of Love

Fragrance of God’s, quiet atmosphere of excitement.
Pain there is not, love is right now all around it,
and every sensitive word has such a feeling of passion,
and every meaningful thought shows deep inside so much pleasure.

Movements that dance in a Bolero of softness.
Moon that somehow managed to make the night brighter.
Shadows that draw truthful and silent reflections.
Whispers that breathe between the walls of the darkness.

Outside there is little that matters,
only the breeze enters the room linking the murmurs of life with the
aura of emotions.
Time seems to be holding the hands of the clock for a minute or longer
Paralyzed is now the wind, for that love can be held inside the heart
of a Goddess.

Love that can’t fail, for Aphrodite gave it beauty.
Love that can’t die, for Venus felt every single momentum.
Love that remembered will be, for every touch was engraved
with the arrow of Cupid over the surface of time without a tear, but a smile.

Copyright © Virginia R. Hoato

Well, that’s it for now.
Remember to comeback tomorrow for more!
Enjoy your day!!!


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