This Needs To Stop!!!!!

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Since yesterday I am bothered by the horrible discrimination that exists against gay & lesbians.  Teenagers are committing suicide because of it.   How can this be ignored by school authorities?  Yesterday a 13 year old gay boy died in Tehachapi, CA.  He hung himself from a tree in his back yard and was kept alive in life support over a week.  Seth Walsh was being bullied.  Then there is 18-year-old Tyler Clementi (a student at Rutgers University),   Asher Brown, 13, from Cypress, Texas and Billy Lucas 15, from  Greensberg, Indiana.  Where does this end? This is a crisis and it needs to stop, anti gay bullying and bullying in general can no longer go  unaddressed at school.  There are plenty of teenagers out there are dealing with bullying all by themselves without getting anybody involved, then there are those that tell their parents and when the issue is brought up to school it either not addressed properly or it gets disregarded.  These horrible things happened because someone out there ignored the fragility of a teenager trying to deal with being gay and being bullied. Did any of you ever stop to think for a minute that this can happen to our kids, your kids.  I am an out of the closet lesbian for many years now and I it breaks my heart to hear of such tragedies.  My condolences to all the families that are trying to cope with such a  horrible loss.  My  heart goes out to all of you.  May humanity stop this insanity.

Ellen Degeneres lists on today’s post two places where teenagers can reach out if in need:

1.  The Trevor Project at 866 4U TREVOR. (A 24-hour, national help line for gay and questioning teens)

2.  Angels and Doves is a nationwide anti-bullying non profit organization.
Their website is

You can read her post: HERE. For Seth Walsh’s article click HERE

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to “This Needs To Stop!!!!!”

  1. Jessica McCoy says:

    It does need to stop. I can’t even imagine what these childrens families are going through right now or the how the children felt. When do we draw the line, when do we start holding people accoutable? When I read the artcle about Tyler Clementi it made me sick to my stomach. I can’t believe that someone would do such a thing to someone else. The two responsble should not get off easy here, they are adults should be held accoutable for their actions, there was no excuse for what they did. This should follow them for the rest of their lives, at least they are living.

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