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I was looking at the posts I had on my prior blog, which was mainly gear towards real estate, and I found two quotes I like.    Interesting enough back then I started the blog with the words:  “In this economy.”  Almost a year later we are still in the same boat so, for those individuals that have certain skills and are forced to start working for themselves because they cannot find a steady job and they come into a halt because more than often it is extremely hard to make things work or because there is so much involved it turns overwhelming here are those two I found to help you focus on your path:

“It is not enough to start doing something. You have also to continue, until you finish doing it.” (Remez Sasson)

“Never, never, never give up!” (Winston Churchill)

Thus, no matter how hard and how stressful, your determination will take you there.  Focus on your needs and goals and you will make it.  At the end of the road you will be very satisfied with your accomplishment.

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