Nothing Can Stop You

I know that it is hard for certain people to find the determination to achieve something that was always lingering in the back of their mind as a very distant goal.  For as much as they try and make an effort there isn’t enough push to make it work so they can get to the finish line.  Without the right frame of mind success may be farther away than what they thought it would be and that is when they tend to walk away from it all.

Today I came across this quote and I believe it deserves to be shared.   I got it from Positive Outlooks in Facebook and I believe it is the link that may help those people find the determination and effort they need to get to their finish line.  Here it is:

“Nothing can stop the man/woman with the right mental attitude from achieving his/her goal; nothing on earth can help the man/woman with the wrong mental attitude.” -Thomas Jefferson

Having the right mental attitude changes everything and makes things easier.  Think about it!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Virginia R. Hoato

(Picture from Positive Outlooks)


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