Did you say NO? noooooooooooo……

Often people tend to think that saying NO creates the image of a bad person.  They also think the word might hurt feelings, create anger and even disappointment.  Thus if the word ever came out of their mouth they would feel awkward, guilty, nervous and probably embarrassed.  That is a big load to hold on their shoulders especially when all the thoughts that are heavily weighing on them are wrong.

One of the most important things to do when the dreaded word comes to mind is to value your personal time, ask yourself:  What am I committed to?    Work, family, friends, personal time?  This way when somebody asks you do to something you can say:  I can’t do it! My hands are tied! I have too many responsibilities; I can’t add more to my plate.

Writing a list of priorities may allow you to see what’s more important, your commitments or saying YES.

If you say NO in a polite way you can rest assure the title you wear of being nice will not go away.  Being nice all the time may hurt you and it may add things to your life you may not be able to handle.

Now if you feel you might be able to do it but you are not sure; then the right thing to say is:  “Let me get check my priorities and I’ll get back to you”.  This will allow you to think things over and see if time will allow you to do it at which point if the answer is NO you can say you have considered it and unfortunately you won’t be able to do it.

Other things you may say are:

I would love to do it but I have absolutely no time.

My schedule is totally full; I won’t be able to fit you in.

It sounds very interesting but at this time I can’t, may be in the future.

If you are young you should consider applying these techniques. You don’t want to do something you are forced to and end up getting in trouble.  Don’t let peer pressure affect your life,  it is OK to say NO.

That’s it for now!

Have a good night



(Source: LifeHack)


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