Do The Right Thing…..

Life gives us the opportunity to do the right thing all the time.  Some people might ask: what is the right thing to do?

During these tough times there are a lot of people suffering financial hardship. I am sure everybody knows somebody with problems. What type of problems? There are those that can’t find a job, can’t pay a mortgage, can’t pay rent, can’t buy diapers and the list can get longer if I think a little bit harder.
I often wonder how people having financial problems are able to entertain yet they are not able to come up with their mortgage payment. Or they can afford to go out weekends and unnecessarily spend money not only on what they are doing but on gas as well while they need to complete their rent money. I even wonder how they can afford buying presents if they do not have enough money for their immediate responsibilities and needs. Or some people refuse to find a good paying job because they made a promise to stick to something that doesn’t give them what they need to prevent a financial disaster.
Life gives us the opportunity to do the right thing yet there are those that rather waste their time feeling sorry for themselves and sit around doing absolutely nothing to better their situation. Then there are also those that believe a greater power is going to miraculously bring them their mortgage payment, rent, diaper bag and put these things on their lap.  What they don’t realize is that such will only show them the tools they need to make things better and if they don’t know how to use those tools they will not come out of the hole they are in.

Life gives us the opportunity to do the right thing but unless priorities are placed in order, making ends meet is not even a possibility. Sometimes it takes a little sacrifice to make things work. Unnecessary spending is one of the reasons people get stuck at the bottom. The inability to stop wasting money and start spending wisely is the first step towards bettering a bad financial situation. So if life gives us the opportunity to do the right thing what can one do?
Well, I would say this:
1. If you have some type of skills my suggestion is to  go out and find a job that will allow you to show it. Or if you are ambitious enough promote yourself to use those skills and generate money.
2. If you have a degree that you know allows you to make more money than what you are making go out there and find the job that will pay you the right amount of money for it. Don’t sell yourself short. Promising someone you’ll stay by their side forever is not a wise thing to do because if a day comes when you are not longer needed you’ll be the first one to be let go.
3. If you think a greater power will pay your mortgage I have news for you: You better learn to use the tools you were given by such power and start making money the right way because money doesn’t fall form the skies and if you wait long enough you’ll lose your house, your rental, your right to keep the baby, etc.…
4. If you have kids, make sure YOU DO THE RIGHT THING; you don’t want to show your kids the path to an erroneous financial behavior.  As kids grow older they need to have the right tools to become responsible and they way you are living your life is not a good example for them.
The whole idea is to get to that point where you can enjoy the good things in life (no matter how little or big they are) without worrying about having to find the money to keep a roof over your head.

Life gives us the opportunity to do the right thing so don’t waste your time go ahead and do it!

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