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Did you ever come across a kid that has no manners?    Starting from the absence of a “please” and a “thank you”.  Then there is the inability to do the proper thing, as well as the belief that favors are a must, or that a request must be posed in the form of an order.  Did I mention being ungrateful, being a bully or a tough cookie?  All of these qualities form part of a behavioral issue that starts with the parents.    Those not taking the time to teach their children important factors that may allow for a smoother path through life, those that are teaching their kids something they are not practicing themselves or those that are teaching their children through force and threats.    In the last few years I have encountered a couple of kids that have some if not all of these qualities.

When dealing with such type of behavior parents need to make sure the rules set for their kids are rules lived by.  Finding excuses and pointing fingers at their kids will not solve the problem.  Rules set by parents must be a common practice of the household.   This helps avoid the confusion created by a set of rules that do not comply with the parent’s behavior.   Parents should analyze their ways and how such affect the development of their sons and or daughters. Have we forgotten the famous words:  “Practice what you preach”.   Kids live by example thus a bad example portrayed by a parent will overrule whatever the parent is trying to teach.    Teaching by force and threats will only cause significant or acute injury to a child’s psychological, or mental development and/or functioning.

There is plenty of literature out there that talk about correcting a child’s behavior.  One of my favorites is “Have a good kid by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman:

By paying a little attention it is so easy to see the good in these kids.  It saddens me to see how their potential to become great adolescents may not be developed fully because of wrongful guidance.

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