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Hello Everybody,

My name is Virginia R. Hoato.  I was born in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  To be more exact in Villa Bosch.  Today, July the 30th, 2016, I am 54 years old. I came to the United States in 1979 at the age of 17.  I lived in New Jersey until 1993 where I graduated from Passaic County Community College with an Associates Degree in Data processing, a title I never used.  At the age of 19 I started my first full time job ever at a beer distributor.  From being a data entry assistant I rapidly climbed up to the highest available position:  assistant bookkeeper.  Unable to climb even higher, within of couple of years, I changed jobs and accepted a position as a full time bookkeeper at a remnant textile trading company. While working 40 hours a week I became a Realtor for the purpose of selling Florida land to New Jersey residents.

At the age of 30, on my birthday, I came out of the closet and told my parents and sister I was a lesbian.  By then I had already gone through a 4-year relationship that was long gone but I was in a new relationship.  Four months after coming out I rented an apartment and my partner (at that point in time) and I moved in together.  All my life I dreamed of being independent therefore once I found that first job ever I started buying little things for the home I would one day have and at the end of 1992 that dream became a reality.   Although it was not owned, the rental to me was a miracle come true.  In 1993 my partner and I moved to Florida, rented an apartment and started a new life.  A couple of years later we separated.  Through out all of the years that passed since that first job, accounting became my profession.  A field I never intended to pursue was bringing food to my table and so one day I became the controller of a telecommunications company, the same company that motivated me to get a BA by paying for my education, needless to say I agreed.  At the age of 35 and while I was still working I decided to exercise my dream of having a baby. Towards the end of 1997 before I gave birth to my beautiful son I changed my sports car for a family car and bought my first house in Hollywood, FL.  With 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms I was able to isolate one room with a bathroom and rent it out to help me with expenses.   My son, now almost 19, was born @ 11:20 PM December 23, 1997.  Since my second relationship of 4 years I had two short-lived relationships. Suddenly before I finished my degree the company reached the end of its life and I became unemployed.
While looking for jobs in the area where I lived I realized I had to reinvent myself to be able to provide for my son.    According to my neighbors, my house did not belong in the area because it was very nicely decorated  inside-out.  I always had an eye for interior decorating and remodeling thus a new idea was born. Since tenant knew about painting houses and I was very handy thanks to my father a new idea was born.  We started making flyers which we would  leave  hanging from doorknobs or left them on the windshield of cars.   We advertised our abilities while constantly walking under the Florida sun.  Soon enough, luck lined up a  few jobs for us.  We painted the exterior of a couple of houses, did some landscaping, painted the interior of a house; we even fixed a flat roof.  What a change, from sitting at a desk in an air conditioned office to working in construction.  I remember my son greeting me at the door telling me:  mommy you are dirty.  And yes I was indeed dirty, covered with stains of tar, construction dust, with the scent of my perfume totally gone.  🙁  I guess being a single mother made me do what I had to do to survive.  Meanwhile job hunting was not working out.  It was simple; I either found a job or I had to reinvent myself AGAIN.  By then my father had passed away from kidney and bone cancer,  I had asked my mother to move in with us because she was too depressed and due to the low retirement income she received monthly she could not afford to pay for it anymore.  This new plan caused me to ask my tenant to move out and my mother to move in.  To make my mother comfortable I had to tear down the wall I had originally built to make the private efficiency and join the room and bathroom with the rest of the house AGAIN but most importantly I had to list the house for sale.   Why? I had decided to move to Central Florida.

While I was still employed I had taken out an equity loan that would enable me to buy a business and I could become independent but because  of the turn of events I was unable to fulfill that dream yet I was lucky I had that money to keep me afloat at least until I relocated and found a job.  Unfortunately selling the house would not leave any cash to buy another house.  My mother had to sell her house to move in with me.  Luckily she lent me the proceeds from the sale to buy a house in Central Florida.  Still single, as soon as we got settled at the new house in Kissimmee, Florida, I became a Realtor.  There a firm that specialized in new homes hired me thanks to a dear friend of mine, .  Because new homes’ commissions don’t get disbursed until the house is built I lived about 6 months without any funds other than credit cards.  Just when I was about to loose my house I started to see the money I had made out of all the houses I sold.  My real estate career was wonderful.  I met a lot of people whom I made very happy and I enjoyed doing it.
In 2003 I met my now life partner over the internet.  A year later she moved in with us.  Suddenly the real estate market started to decline and, being my partner an engineer, we started traveling for consulting purposes.  My mother was visiting my sister so we drove with our son, his turtles, his Japanese fighting fish and Marggie ( our only dog back then) to San Diego, Tijuana, Wisconsin, Poconos and New Jersey.  Months went by and once our contracts ended we drove back to Florida.  While waiting for another contract we got an opportunity to start a different contract in northern California and we took it.     We left Florida July of 2007, since then we have been living in Northern California.

I continue to keep my Florida license active and in 2008 became a Realtor for the state of CA. For over 35 years I wrote poems in both English and Spanish.  I published several of my English poems in books of Anthologies that were once promoted by Poetry.com a site no longer alive. I also participated in several poetry contests held by The Cove Rincón in South Miami, FL.  I won several trophies and some of my poems were published in the Cove’s magazines as well as one of the books of Anthologies.  I have written a poetry book in Spanish which is published but I need to promote.  While my father was sick I started to build a website that would make a difference in my life and the lives of kids with HIV and Cancer. The site took many long hours of work and with over 90 pages of information I was unable to launch it due to my unemployed status.    Due to computer issues the information is long gone.   I also create websites and all the domains we own I either created or customized.    None of these changes in my life affected my goals in life.  I believe most of my goals have been accomplished.  Even though some of them took a while longer, I never gave up on the idea that one day my dreams would become a reality.  Becoming independent, owning a home, having a child, finding love  & having a great family have fulfilled my life.  We have been through many financial struggles but we continue to get up without hesitation, to move forward and ultimately to succeed at what is being done.  Life has taken us through many rough paths and this site as well as the Spanish Blog were dormant for years.

Many years have passed since I left Argentina and as I grow older plus adding to the fact that I am a mother I realize more goals continue to come into play.  My mother was 48 years old when she brought me to the United States.  We arrived with my father in search of a better life.  With that being said my partner and I constantly strive to live a better life and give our son the same.  It is in my nature to continue to learn and explore, to better myself and to allow for changes to happen due to our efforts and desires to make it to the finish line were our goals are waiting.   At this point in my life I have a number of projects I am working on,  3 of them include giving back to organizations that fight for causes that are close to my heart as I want to make a difference in life.  This will happen once my iBooks are fully promoted, two of them I am in the process of finishing.   THIS is my life in a nutshell.  The fine details are not here but after reading this post you’ll get an idea of who I am.  I hope that after finding out about me you can reinvent yourself and find a way to make your situation better,  that is only, of course, if you need to and if you truly want to.  Trust me when I say that wanting to change your life for the better is the greatest determining factor to succeeding at it.

To finish, let me leave you with this:

Don’t let anybody tell you your dreams and goals are unreachable.   If inside your heart you know you can make them a reality, then go for it.  And with that being said always remember it is never too late.

Now, I think I said enough about me.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Virginia R. Hoato


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