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Message in a Bottle

Hello Everybody: Here is another one of my old poems.  I hope you enjoy it: Message in a bottle My hopes and my strength, My love and my deepest sensations, My wishes, my faith, My passion mixed with my vibrations. My soul, my ambitious within, My vision and my strong motivation I am sending to […]

We Appreeeeeciate it, We Do, Don’t We?

Hello Everybody, An unknown author once wrote: “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Sometimes people get caught up in between the struggles life brings them and in the middle of a constant financial battle they find themselves complaining about not being able […]

About Compassion and Respect

Hello Everybody, Here is a video of his Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama emphasizing on the need for dialogue in resolving conflict, and the need for compassion that extends beyond CREEDS and BELIEFS.  Please take a look! Great video!!! Here is one of my favorite quotes: I find hope in the darkest of days, and […]

Time for a Quote, Yes Indeed!!!!

Hello Everybody: I was looking at the posts I had on my prior blog, which was mainly gear towards real estate, and I found two quotes I like.    Interesting enough back then I started the blog with the words:  “In this economy.”  Almost a year later we are still in the same boat so, […]


Hello Everybody, Here is an old poem I want to share with you.  I wrote it many, many moons ago.   I hope you enjoy it: Unexpectedly, There is always haze in me without you near, Sort of a grayish murkiness mixed with a subdued murmur that freezes my emotions. There is always solitude, love, without you […]

Isn’t This So?????

Hello Everybody, This one is short and sweet. Today I basically want to share with you two things.  The first one I read yesterday: Paulo Coelho wrote in Facebook:  Fools discuss how people should behave.  Intelligent people discuss ideas. Then mi media naranja (my half orange) came home to tell me about a conversation she […]

Lasting Love

Every September 4th we celebrate our Anniversary.  Here is a poem I wrote for my media naranja (half orange) as we say in Spanish.  I hope you enjoy it: I’d chosen to continue, To give myself a chance to love again And leave the past behind. It happened when I met you. You gave my […]

About Being Thankful

Hello, As I sit here at my desk going through some papers I find myself thinking of all the people I’ve met through out my 48 years of life and those that continue to be part of me. In life we come across thousands of different people without realizing it. Stop for a minute to […]

About Success

Hello, Pablo Picasso once said:  Action is the foundation key to all success. If you want to be successful you must act upon your dreams and goals.  Dreaming without working your way up to fulfilling a dream or reaching a goal will not take you to the finish line.  So if you   find yourself […]

Essence of Love

Hello, Here is a poem I wrote in the 80’s.  My first poem in English.  I hope you enjoy it!! Essence of Love Fragrance of God’s, quiet atmosphere of excitement. Pain there is not, love is right now all around it, and every sensitive word has such a feeling of passion, and every meaningful thought […]