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How Many Hugs, How Many I Love U’s

Hello, If you want to live a happy and healthy life then you should: Hug more, Kiss More, Say I love you (every single day, multiple times per day) And in-between all of those things laugh more. Way before my son was born I used to caress my belly and tell him how much I […]

Are U Stuck?????

Hello, Here are my thoughts for today! As we rapidly move into the 2nd half of 2010 depending on the person we talk to we hear about how things are slowly getting better or how things are definitely getting worse.  Then as we drive through out a community we find empty homes and plenty of […]

A Tragic Loss – Carl (Trey) Snead III

Often, certain things, turn of events or accidents that take place around us leave us perplexed, possessed by a numbed emotion and one can do nothing but wonder the reasons behind it to only reach an unfinished conclusion leaving a perpetual question banging inside our brain longing for an answer. It was a Monday (about […]