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Essence of Love

Hello, Here is a poem I wrote in the 80’s.  My first poem in English.  I hope you enjoy it!! Essence of Love Fragrance of God’s, quiet atmosphere of excitement. Pain there is not, love is right now all around it, and every sensitive word has such a feeling of passion, and every meaningful thought […]

Shadows of My Soul

Hello, As promised, here is the first poem I picked from my writings to share with you.  For the romantics out there:  I hope you enjoy this post!!!! Shadows of my Soul Within the shadows of my soul There is a gleam of light Carrying your name That keeps my heart alive, For in this […]

About Manners

Hello, Did you ever come across a kid that has no manners?    Starting from the absence of a “please” and a “thank you”.  Then there is the inability to do the proper thing, as well as the belief that favors are a must, or that a request must be posed in the form of an […]