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My mother taught me…..

Here is a video that I believe shows exactly what our parents taught us or (for those that are not as old as I am 🙂 ) what our parents are teaching us and the way this may be accomplished every time, everywhere.   It is so important, please take a look. I hope you […]

Do The Right Thing…..

Life gives us the opportunity to do the right thing all the time.  Some people might ask: what is the right thing to do? During these tough times there are a lot of people suffering financial hardship. I am sure everybody knows somebody with problems. What type of problems? There are those that can’t find […]

HAPPY 2012

I am not sure if you think the same way but 2011 went by very fast at least for us it was that way. As it always happens once again we are at the beginning of another year full of goals, with a long list containing everything we want to do, improve and achieve. Every […]