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Cyber Bullying…..£1,000 fines?

Hello Everybody, UK had the right idea, don’t you think?  Parents whose children were cyber-bullies were faced with a £1,000 fine.  What do you think of that?  I say that would be a great way to get parents involved in their kid’s behavior.  I am not certain of the amount of the fine but I […]

Quarterback Drew Brees Speaks Out About Bullying

Hello Everybody, In her continued effort to help stop bullying, Ellen DeGeneres invites celebrities and different people to speak out about bullying.  Here is her favorite quarterback Drew Brees sharing telling everybody what he thinks. Source (Embedded Directly from Ellen’s Videos) This crisis directly affects all of those teens, preteens and youth that are discriminated […]

Bullying….About Parents

Hello, Everybody, As promised here is another video as Anderson Cooper continues to address the crisis young adults and youth are going through; this interview shows him with Dr. Phil McGraw discussing cyber-bullying and what parents can do.  Please take a look: Anderson Cooper 360°, PEOPLE Magazine and Cartoon Network have teamed up for an […]

This Needs To Stop!!!!!

Hello Everybody, Since yesterday I am bothered by the horrible discrimination that exists against gay & lesbians.  Teenagers are committing suicide because of it.   How can this be ignored by school authorities?  Yesterday a 13 year old gay boy died in Tehachapi, CA.  He hung himself from a tree in his back yard and […]

About Manners

Hello, Did you ever come across a kid that has no manners?    Starting from the absence of a “please” and a “thank you”.  Then there is the inability to do the proper thing, as well as the belief that favors are a must, or that a request must be posed in the form of an […]