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Senator Clinton: Tomorrow Will Be Better

Hello Everybody, Here is a video giving hope to all those young adults, youth and children that are being bullied.  Please take a look: Take the first step to stop bullying and share this information with your loved ones and if you have little ones remember that the future may be better if we start […]

Councilman Joel Burns Offers His Help

Hello Everybody, Here is a great and very touching video of councilman Joel Burns talking about bullying. Please take a look. Well, that’s it for now. Always remember these>>>> T H R E E things: 1. To share this site with your friends 2.  To leave a comment & 3. To comeback tomorrow for more! […]

Cyber Bullying…..£1,000 fines?

Hello Everybody, UK had the right idea, don’t you think?  Parents whose children were cyber-bullies were faced with a £1,000 fine.  What do you think of that?  I say that would be a great way to get parents involved in their kid’s behavior.  I am not certain of the amount of the fine but I […]