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Nothing Can Stop You

I know that it is hard for certain people to find the determination to achieve something that was always lingering in the back of their mind as a very distant goal.  For as much as they try and make an effort there isn’t enough push to make it work so they can get to the […]

Focus, Focus, Focus

Have you  ever found yourself having a hard time focusing on the things you want to accomplish in life?  Here is a short video where Tony Robbins describes how to get an extroadinary life letting you know what you need to do to reach your goals.   I hope you enjoyed it! Virginia  

Did We????????

Hello Everybody, Is there anybody out there that can tell me this year has not gone by rapidly?  I am asking this because in our household 2010 has zoomed by in such a way that it is hard to believe.  It is easy to see at my age that the older I get the faster […]

About Success

Hello, Pablo Picasso once said:  Action is the foundation key to all success. If you want to be successful you must act upon your dreams and goals.  Dreaming without working your way up to fulfilling a dream or reaching a goal will not take you to the finish line.  So if you   find yourself […]