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President Obama: It Gets Better

Hello Everybody, In a continued effort to make things better here is a video of President Obama sharing a message of hope and support for those who are  struggling with being bullied.  Please take a look: Take the first step to stop bullying and share this information with your loved ones and if you have […]

Councilman Joel Burns Offers His Help

Hello Everybody, Here is a great and very touching video of councilman Joel Burns talking about bullying. Please take a look. Well, that’s it for now. Always remember these>>>> T H R E E things: 1. To share this site with your friends 2.  To leave a comment & 3. To comeback tomorrow for more! […]

This Needs To Stop!!!!!

Hello Everybody, Since yesterday I am bothered by the horrible discrimination that exists against gay & lesbians.  Teenagers are committing suicide because of it.   How can this be ignored by school authorities?  Yesterday a 13 year old gay boy died in Tehachapi, CA.  He hung himself from a tree in his back yard and […]

We Matter!!!!! Gay-Friendly McDonald’s Ad Goes Viral

Hello, Being all about equality at all levels, there is always something happening out there that makes me feel good.  I just came across an article in Yahoo Buzz that talks about a Mc Donald’s Ad.  Take a look at it below This ad has generated well over 1 million views in YouTube.  Thanks to […]