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The Art Virginia's creations offer a reflection of her essence. Dedicating each piece to the universal life force and its light, she channels energy through each item created. Bio Reiki Master, Virginia R. Hoato, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Already in her 60s, she began to develop her artistic skills by devoting time to pointillism. Her art portrays the energy that has been kept hidden from everyone for over 19 years. Applying a constant ability to be present, each creation slowly brings her closer to the person she once was, closer to her true self.
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About Xlsus

Hello, If you've come to this page, it's because you'd like to meet the person behind XLSUS, which indicates I managed to catch your interest, at least a little. Thus, flowing with eternal gratitude, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The reason behind XLSUS & the Hummingbird The name Xlsus (excelsus) is derived from the Latin word excelsior, which means "excellent," "elevated in virtues and characteristics," "superior," "always on the rise," and "the highest." Why that word? Because Xlsus’ goal is to continue ascending until it can leave (within its virtues and qualities) a positive mark on this world for as little as it may be! The hummingbird is my favorite bird. It truly moves me to witness it emerge out of nowhere, alone, at the most inopportune moment, as if it were a sign of positive, vibrant energy. If I had to sum up the feeling induced by the presence of such a lovely, tiny creature in one word, it would be tranquility. Yes, the flapping of the wings and the capacity to remain suspended in one spot produce an amazing sense of peace that stops me in awe. My reaction is usually the same when it goes away: I look around, puzzled as to what caused it to get so close, so close that, each time, I can almost touch it. It is indeed a majestic sight! Perhaps there is a reason the hummingbird is my favorite bird. I'm not sure. Those who know me well heard me say plenty of time "things happen for a reason" or "everything has a reason for being.” I have always identified with the hummingbird’s symbolic meaning. Here is a list showing what the presence of the hummingbird implies: 1. It reminds us to pause and savor the goodness that life has to offer, as well as not to dwell on problems, but to work tirelessly to improve ourselves. 2. It eliminates negative thoughts and false perspectives that cloud a positive outlook towards life. 3. It teaches us to work hard to pursue our dreams. 4. It brings about a positive mindset that is free from past and future, a mind that dwells in the present moment. 5. Its totem helps us master different odds in life with courage. 6. It signifies swiftness in decisions and actions. It makes us prompt in whatever it is done. 7. It represents inspiration and hope to live a better life. 8. In Native American cultures, it brings love, peace, and harmony. 9. It shows a zest for life and living. 10. It is often called a spiritual healer in times of grief and despair. It lifts our mood and makes us feel happy. 11. Seeing a hummingbird is spiritually significant because it gives us a renewed sense of faith and courage to combat all the problems in life. 12. It acts as an angel guide for developing positive character traits such as generosity, compassion, truth, and righteous living. 13. With the guidance of these little birds, we can live a life of unparalleled optimism and unwavering determination. The journey my life has endured holds a little bit of each one of the points above. Thus, the hummingbird is the perfect image to represent Xlsus. I want to be able to extend that same symbolism through my presence. This is me! My name is Virginia R. Hoato. I've always followed a path of personal and spiritual renewal throughout my teens and beyond, with the goal of transforming my way of being and seeing life. During my youth, I decided to focus on the positive aspects of life, understanding that everything that happens has a purpose and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Around 2004 my life changed drastically, thus, for many years I lost my emotional north, I stopped being myself to dedicate my entire life to someone else. My purpose was suspended above a field of nothingness. Then one day in May of 2020, I found my way back and decided to continue with that desire that was dormant for such a long time, the desire to leave a positive mark on this world by contributing to improve it, above all things, within my possibilities, in the best possible way. That is how everything materialized. Thank you for stopping by. On behalf of Xlsus, I wish you a pleasant visit!

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No two handpainted items are alike. Thus, there is only one unique item being sold for each design. Similar items can be custom ordered but emailing me.